Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

On September 29, 2017, I wrote a letter to a woman to explain to her that I could not help her husband with a medical bill problem.

Over a year ago, the husband visited our Valparaiso office. Our agent there took the time to listen to him and explain some options for him to consider. He did not return to our office. Instead, he signed for insurance online.

The wife visited our Valparaiso office earlier this year. Our agent listened to her and explained her options regarding Medicare supplement insurance. She let us help her select and apply for insurance.

Then, when the husband had a medical bill problem, the wife brought papers to our office and asked us to help her husband with his problem.

In my letter to the wife, I explained that our agency could help her with a medical bill problem, but not her husband. He signed for a policy without using our agency. He would need to contact the insurance company directly or contact whoever acted as an agent to help him apply for his insurance policy.

Insurance companies and agents sign contracts to assure compliance with federal privacy protection law and regulation. This protects the clients, the agents, and insurance companies from disclosure of personal health information.

So, when you do apply for insurance, I suggest that you make sure that the agent or agency you use is ready and willing to help you with any insurance claims problem that might arise. Otherwise, your financial health might take a turn for the worse.