Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

A senior citizen client from Crown Point, Indiana brought a bill to me and asked me for help. The bill was from a hospital in Illinois. The bill told the client that he owed $1,279.05.

I reviewed all the papers that the client brought. Not only did he have the bill, but other papers including a badly typed medical claims form. I found two major mistakes in the billing information from the hospital. Following here is an excerpt from my letter (and fax) to the hospital. The excerpt is edited to protect the privacy of our client.

Dear Representative,

Our client brought to our office a bill from your firm for our review. The bill seeks a balance of $1,279.05 on Guarantor Number XXXXXX for services rendered by your firm.

I reviewed the bill and claims information and realized that your firm filed the claim incorrectly. The only reason this bill has not been paid yet is because of the mistakes that your firm made.

Our client is a senior citizen who has Medicare as his primary insurer. If you are contracted with Medicare, then you should know that you should file the claim with Medicare and not with the secondary insurance firm.

Please, correct your mistake by filing the claim with Medicare.