Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

    On July 30, 2020, someone on our staff delivered some papers to me from her neighbors who are clients of our insurance agency.  I worked on their problems that day.

      The husband is 86 years old.  He got a medical bill for $174.08 from one of the local hospitals.  I checked the bill with the system that I use for fact checking.  The problem that he had was that Medicare failed to send the claims information to his Medicare supplement policy insurance company.  To help him, I sent a letter to the hospital.  In that letter, I explained the problem and requested that the hospital send the insurance company the critical information that it needed to pay the balance bill.  The hospital has cooperated with me to help other clients in the past.  I expect that will take care of the $174.08 bill that was sent to the husband.

    The wife is 87 years old.  In her case, the bill was already paid by her Medicare supplement policy insurance company.  But the hospital may have missed the payment.  The payment was not made with a check but with an electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly into a bank account of the hospital.  To help this client, I sent a letter to the hospital to remind them of the payment.  In the letter to the hospital, I specified the amount, the date, and the verification code that proved the payment was made.  Again, the hospital involved regularly pays attention to my letters with such details.  I expect the bill to this client to be corrected and resolved without the client paying anything.

All the help that I gave this client was FREE OF CHARGE.   This insurance agency is proud of its reputation for “going the extra mile” for our clients.  If your insurance agent or agency would not help you with a medical bill problem, why not switch to our firm?


Written on July 31, 2020 by Woodrow Wilcox