Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

On July 12, 2018, I got a desperate phone call from a 78 year old woman. She is a client of our insurance agency who lives in Dyer, Indiana.

Her doctors were billing her over $7,000 because Medicare was not paying on her bills. She said that she was a nervous wreck because if she had to pay over $7,000, it would wipe out her life savings. She was having difficulty controlling her blood pressure.

The woman said that her daughter in law was trying to help her with the problem. I asked to speak with her daughter in law. I learned that the daughter in law had made phone calls to Medicare to try to fix the problem. She said that a Medicare representative had promised to fix the problem. But, nothing had been fixed yet.

I asked them to gather all the medical bills and related papers that they had and deliver those documents to our agency’s Schererville office because that office is closest to them. The staff of that office will bring the papers to me at our HQ office in Merrillville. I explained that I needed the documents to start researching the problem.

Most people in government don’t want to admit that the Medicare system has many problems. Medicare bureaucrats make big money with the system as it is. Government contractors make big money with the system as it is. So, no one who profits from the system is anxious to investigate the problems and change the system. But, when the system fails to work for the senior citizens on Medicare, the senior citizens are hurt financially if no one helps them. I, and this insurance agency, will help this senior because she is one of our clients.

This insurance agency is proud of our reputation for helping our clients with such medical bill problems FREE OF CHARGE. If your insurance agency or agent does not give this high level of customer service, shouldn’t you switch to an insurance agency that does?

Written on June 18, 2018 by Woodrow Wilcox