Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

I recommend that people always buy Medicare related health insurance with a local insurance agent. The main reason is that if there is a problem with a medical bill not getting paid, the local insurance agent is in a good position to help resolve the problem. Without the help of a local agent, you are stuck trying to fix the problem yourself.

Also, a local insurance agent is more likely to want to help you. The business and personal reputation of the insurance agent will benefit from giving service that helps a client.

Medicare related health insurance companies charge the same whether you buy a policy through a local insurance agent or a call center full of insurance agents. So, there is no financial benefit to you, the customer, to buy a health insurance policy through a telephone call center.

Buying Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare prescription Part D health insurance by telephone with an agent at a call center puts you at risk if there ever is a problem with a Medicare related medical bill. This means that if you do have a problem, good luck finding someone at the insurance company call center who will help you resolve the problem.

If you don’t know where to look to solve the problem, a local insurance agent or someone on the agency staff is more likely to be able to look at the paperwork and find the problem. If the source of the problem is not found, you will never get the medical bill problem resolved.

Buying Medicare related health insurance online presents even more problems. Do you really know to whom you are giving your information? Can you be sure that your information will be protected by the firm from hackers? Does the firm have a business reputation worthy of defending by protecting your information?

This insurance agency spends a lot to train the agents to be knowledgeable and to protect our clients’ information from dishonest people. Also, this agency has staff members that help with resolving medical bill problems of our clients and we don’t charge our clients anything to help with those problems. In less than 15 years, I helped our clients save over two million dollars by working to correct Medicare related medical bill problems.

Whether you choose to work with our agency or not, I urge every senior citizen to find a local insurance agent to help review options, select the best Medicare related insurance plan for the client, and help to resolve any problems that arise. If you have a local insurance agent who will help you with any problem, you will sleep better at night. Knowing that you have help available if you need it is worth a lot.

Written on May 29, 2018 by Woodrow Wilcox