Senior Care Insurance Services

By Woodrow Wilcox

On April 18, 2018, I got a phone call from a medical biller with some good news for a client who lives in Valparaiso, Indiana. Then, I wrote a letter to the client to give her the news that she DID NOT OWE $526.

Following is part of my letter to the client. You will understand what work I do for our clients better after you read it.

Today, I received a phone call from the firm that sent you the bill for $526. The assistant to the manager that I know at the firm called me to tell me that the bill was sent because no Medicare information was provided when the firm was told to bill you. Since then, that firm got key Medicare billing information and has sent the bill to Medicare.

After Medicare reviews and rules on the claim, it will send its ruling to your insurance company. As long as you did not get some medical service that Medicare does not cover, the entire bill should be paid because you have a Plan F Medicare supplement policy through this agency. Thus, I believe we saved you $526 with our work and our letter to the biller.

Only if you got a medical service that Medicare does not cover should you get any balance bill.

Written on April 18, 2018 by Woodrow Wilcox